Braun Epilator Reviews You Need to See

Epilators are now very common at the local department store or at specialty stores.

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Braun Epilator Reviews

With many women now wanting to use epilators as their hair removal tool of choice, many companies have begun developing their own line of epilators.

One such company is Braun, which specializes in its own line of epilators and hair removal equipment for both men and women.

This article will focus on the female grooming line, which is being promoted by celebrity Jessica Alba with the tagline “break free”. Specifically, the article will talk about Braun’s epilator line, as it also has shaving equipment called a lady shaver, and a Gilette Venus Naked Skin machine that treats hair and lessens it.

The different kinds of epilators from Braun

The Braun epilator line offers many different variations of the epilator, depending on your use, your skin, and other factors.

Their brand of epilators called Silk-épil offer many advantages for most people who wish to use epilators for smooth, hair free skin.

The Braun epilator promises mainly smooth skin for up to four weeks. The basic model is the Silk-épil 3, while the Silk-épil 5 promises to remove even short hairs that wax will not be able to remove.

These two are dermatologically recommended

Braun Epilator Reviews

The next in line is the Silk-épil 7. This Braun epilator has two versions—one which is for epilation only, and another which has the dual purpose of epilation and exfoliation of your skin.

Not only do they get the smaller and finer hairs for a smooth finish, with a pivoting head for contouring around hard to reach areas, it also lifts away dead skin cells to keep skin fresh, clean, soft, and supple.

The Silk-épil 7 is also dermatologically recommended and waterproof, as well having two speeds and being cordless for convenience and efficiency.

These come with a charging stand and a pouch for storage and charging.

The Silk-épil 7 and other members of the Braun epilator line also have other attachments that can be put together with the Silk-épil epilators.

These are used for sensitive skin, or for keeping the skin exfoliated and clean.

They also help give a better, smoother, and more precise epilation, especially for smaller areas.

Attachments may include a skin refinement brush, shaver head, a facial cleansing brush, a smoothing cap, a precision cap, and others that help not just in the epilation process but even make sure your skin is glowing, healthy, and smooth.

The Braun epilator line is very promising, especially because of the added benefits they give for your skin.

It does not just promise you eradication of unwanted hair, but beautiful and smooth legs, which is the main reason why women remove the hair in the first place.

Clearly this company knows its customers and what they want, and give them what they want in the form of a convenient, easy to use product that helps women “break free” from average beauty, and be the most beautiful that they can be.

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