Braun SE5280 Silk epil 5 Review

The brand new Silk-épil 5 SE5280 is great for females who’re not old to epilation.

Braun SE5280 Silk epil 5 Review

Designed for reliable, long-lasting and extra delicate hair treatment, it offers Shut-Grasp engineering with 40 tweezers that actually eliminate hair that is great and quick. it made for effective, long lasting and extra soft hair removal.

The Braun Silk-epil 5 is often a complete hair removal method, because the device is a trimmer an electric razor, and an epilator, allinone.

It includes two epilating lids – a ” rubbing cap ” and an “efficiency cap”. As the efficiency top enables faster hair removal the rubbing cover is meant to make it less uncomfortable originally.

Additionally it comes trimmer designed to trim bikini hair for the optimum size with a normal shaver head and yet another clip-on.

Lastly, an electric wire, an ice glove for relieving pain and sensitivity, a cleaning wash, and a storage bag round out the box’s contents.

Its sophisticated executive incorporates close- hold technology with 40 tweezers that remove also smallest, best locks.


Moreover, the Double Comfort Program engages massaging rollers that promote the skin, plus a chilling glove to calm after epilating.

Now, the best introduction to epilation is also the easiest.

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  • Easy to use
  • The lighting helps better see locks that are small
  • Your skin before epilation effectively cools
  • Dual massage system activates the skin before and after
  • Great results in units; Smooth skin for days
  • 40 tweezer technology for efficient and fast results, causing your skin soft smooth for 19 days
  • Softlift methods- effectively lift lying hairs that are actually smooth at the origin and guide them for the tweezers


If you have a low threshold of pain, look just like a razor, for another knee-hair treatment technique. The epilator is basically an electrical tweezer that rips out your leg locks from the root.

Affects so good. And excellent since that pain suggests razor cuts that were less and less investment property on razor blades.

However the most promising thing about this device is that at less locks, you will likely be looking with normal use as habitual hair removal will bring about less hair growth overtime, to pluck in the future.

In conclusion

If this is actually the very first time you are currently utilizing an epilator I would recommend just taking care of a really small part of your knee to have a notion for your pain tolerance.

This is the ideal all in one groomer. As how it’s promised at its advertising, it operates.

Easy to use for first timers! Created the issues of shaving disappear.

Feet, armpits experience so much better & solution! I love it and advise it to everybody who needs an epilator!

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